Vy Sharieff

The words I journal from my soul
Authored by Vy Sharieff

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Black & White on White paper 74 pages
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BISAC: Poetry / General

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Poetic thoughts
I didn't write this book to be glorified as a victim, nor is my intent to villainize anyone else. Even though some of my poems came to be during a very painful time in my life, I don't regret those moments. Without my pain there would be no book, life is filled with many lessons to learn. I learned a few, some good and some bad. Since I'm still here I'm going to count my blessings and call it LIFE!

​Published work from Faceless:

“This Brotha”

I once met this brotha that loved me like no other
He massaged my mind and made love to my soul
This brotha treated me like a treasure to behold
One week of heavenly bliss
When it ended we sealed it with a kiss
So soft and so sweet was how he made love to me
This brotha never lied to me
Or tried to lead me on
The connection we had was too strong
I was so caught up that I was having dreams
Of there being a HIM and ME
Then that brotha put me in check
When he said
Don’t get jaded and faded by fallacies and accept the reality
And let go of silly fantasies
Because their can never be A YOU & ME.

I thought I was in love once again but disappointments are my anointments…
 He was my interaction whom became my main attraction, 
Now he’s got me wondering, is this just for new memories? 
Or another life lesson? Either way, he’s got me questioning…
Is he a curse or a blessing?

I’m not white which makes me not right.
So I can relate to the hate society feels,
 Because of the color of my skin.
It’s like I’ve commented the most deadliest sin.
Oppression Depression is my first and middle name.
And when I’m around I’m always the one to blame.
Because society makes sure that I feel the shame of slavery,
poverty and not knowing my families African name.
I’m a faceless girl in a race I can’t win,
all because of the color of my skin.
And when I walk down the street the demons are chasing me,
But when they catch me sometimes they have a face like me.
I’m not only hated by the other man,
Emotionally I’ve been attacked,
Beaten and physically mistreated by my own kind.
 Labeled as the brother man.
So where I do I go?
How will I hide?
All the hatred I feel inside.
For myself, my race and anyone else who shares the disgrace.
Of black colored skin,
Which has to be the most deadliest sin.

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