Vy Sharieff

Welcome to the poet's corner

Read along as this writer digs deep into her painful emotional past of lost love, abortion, miscarriage, rage, love, hate, abandonment and take a short journey as she shares some early writings from her childhood. For many years she has dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts and negative thinking, until she decided enough was enough and used her own words to forgive herself for her past mistakes. As a single mother struggling to take care of two sons, she refused to give up. When God gives you a gift you had better use it! Are the words in her head that kept this writer going as she battled through her pain daily in California where she currently resides. 


Birth name Velora Sharieff Black born in Detroit, MI on February 1, 1972 to my parents John and Nita Black. My pen name is Vy Sharieff, Faceless is my first published book. Other attributes: AA Degree, Certified Nutritionist, Poet, Alchemist, Business woman, Radio host via internet, writer, and YouTube blogger. For updates visit my blog page www.vysharieff.com

The Introduction:

I met “Joy” as a child through my mother and in my father’s eyes, little did I know that “Lies” was on her way to visit me labeled as the babysitter she should’ve called herself quick hitter because the door for abuse and misuse was then tied around my neck like a corded noose. Many years would pass before she turned me loose. “Depression” found her way in, labeled with sin and drenched with gin drowning the pain within.

Topped with lies and memories I despise. Cloaked with “Sadness” like the pain of childbirth, feeling unworthy of my own self-worth.  “Anger” then knocked on my door, like a sledged hammer pinning me to the floor. Along with the twins “Rage and Violence,” I couldn’t image what was store for my future. My past had been altered never to be the same again, now here comes “Shame” when will this ever end? Be strong dear child it’s all just starting.

LIFE IS HERE! So brace yourself the ride will smooth out again. Oh, I spoke to soon, “Lust” is closing in another child is born. The ride gets rough again, times will get dark and you’ll feel cold within. But “Love” will breakthrough won’t you let it in? Love will have to hold on tight because “Deception and Misery” are putting up a fight. Medicated with “Disappointment” slathering on “Self-pity” like an ointment, life doesn’t give second chances or cash advancements.

The proud momma of a lying lonely heart it’s too late, now the words have been spoken we’re in this mess until death do us apart. I pray for “Death” to visit me soon to set me free from this open tomb of lies, despair and horrible nightmares accompanied by hurtful words and cold dead stares. Now “Abandonment” has crawled on me holding me tight, whispering you can never leave. Then “Hatred” started groping me as I secretly hoped “Karma” would kill for me. Then “Low self-esteem” came in disguise dressed up like love in the shadows of my mind, filling my womb with baby cries.

As “Drama” danced its way into my room with a kiss of death draining my life away like a shallow grave. Losing my balance in his deceptive ways. “Depression” taught me a lifelong lesson, which was never be too selfish to count your blessings. Now the fight is on to be cut loose it was an emergency to gain my celibacy, to become The ME I was meant to be. “Love” finally came through my children’s eyes melting away all the pain I felt inside. Metaphorically I’m pouring my heart out to thee as “Peace” and “Forgiveness” grab a hold to me and take control of me, now come take a ride with me as I show you what resides in me.